Quarantine and home 03/23-03/29

On March 20th I flew back home and arrived in Fresno, CA at 9 PM. The week before had been filled with a lot of early mornings and long full days exploring, shopping, packing, and heartbreaking goodbyes. It was a very sad day I was exhausted and very worried about my exposure to potential coronavirus folks and bringing the illness home.

However, being reunited with my mom and my siblings was amazing and super filling. As the first week, I tried to self-quarantine from my family and keep myself locked up in my room. This was extremely impossible with my household size and the excitement my family had to have me at home. The first week was a little tough I was very sad. Fortunately, I have a strong support system not only through my mother but also my many advisors and my friends from home and school. I sent important emails to my professors to figure out my school schedule, I also scheduled appointments with advisors, had long calls with different friends and I watched lots of rom-coms alone.

Overall, I was not ready to return home. It saddens me that we still had two full months left in Merida and that they were taken away all in a week. I am extremely grateful for the experience and my time in Mexico. It was a privilege to meet so many amazing people and to learn from dedicated professors. I was terrified when I arrived in Merida, but I left with so many connections, new knowledge and with the best friendships.

My host parents and I on my last night in Merida


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