Womxn’s March and Cancun 03/09-03/1

This week Francisco and I participated in the local peaceful womxn’s march and also decided to be spontaneous adventurous!

These past months there has been a lot of uprising from angry communities all over Latin America regarding femicides and the abuse of womxn. Participating in the march was extremely empowering. Although Francisco could not walk along our side since it was only for women he was there on the sidelines supporting at a respectful distance. I walked alongside my friend Eliza and we held hands as we chanted, marched, danced and screamed with anger. It was awe-inspiring to see so many strong womxn that looked like the womxn in my family, that looked like me fighting, taking the streets and demanding change. I have participated in so many protests in the USA with similar demands and ideals but never see my reflection in the folks on the streets. It is usually privilege folks who are willing to risk and take the streets. It has been very difficult for my mother to cope with the fact that I am in Mexico as she constantly worries about my safety as a small woman. As someone who has suffered from assault and lives with generational trauma around assault constantly worrying for my safety in the different spaces I am in is overwhelming. These times are important, and I hope and pray that the patriarchal sexist system that we all uphold is destroyed/ brought down soon.

Right after the long morning Francisco and I headed home and decided to go to Cancun! We planned our three-day visit in an hour and headed home to pack and leave to the bus station. Fortunately, we did not stay in the luxurious resort area means for tourists. I think this really impacted our visit as we got a non-traditional view of the city. We were staying in la Colonia Alfredo V. Bonfil about 15 minutes outside of the downtown area. This meant we bused into the city with locals who were heading to work in the early morning. We walked through a few Mercado’s and ate a lot of good food on the first day. The day we headed to the touristy area of the city we realized we did not really enjoy the vibes. I met Francisco’s friend from home and we all played volleyball with a group of people we met on the beach. Francisco and I talked to folks working as vendors, taxi and bus drivers. They communicated with us about the difficulties of their job and the different levels of oppression due to low wages and the tourist setting.

Also, our host moms and friends from Merida advised on being extra cautious explaining to us that the city was super dangerous. We did not feel unsafe in any of the spaces we were in, fortunately. I really enjoyed the trip because Francisco and I got to spend a lot of time alone exploring and having long invigorating conversations. Overall it was a fun and empowering and exhausting week!

Womxn’s march 03/08/2020, taken and edited by Francisco Sanchez


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