La música de mi Corazón and my visit to el Palacio de la Música 02/15

This weekend I went to el Palacio de la Música museum (Music Palace) were I learned so much about the evolving phases of Mexican music. It was a very interactive museum where we got to participate in receiving a small lesson from a musician, playing with traditional Latin American instruments, read about music history and listen to traditional music. We were very luck to meet the musician that was giving us a small lesson on the traditional instruments. She not only taught us so much in a short period of time but also shared so much of her life and achievements with us as a percussionist. I left the museum feeling rejoiced and excited to continue playing the cello and the violin in the future.

I am fortunate enough to have been raised in a Mexican household that not only gave me the richness of the culture but also the richness of the music ranging from Mariachi, Rancheras, Banda’s to Corrido’s and Mexican pop music. Since my arrival to Merida everywhere I go I can hear/listen to the music my mother raised me with. In every corner, street vendor, store or car. When I recognize the song, the lyrics, the rhythm I feel so much happiness and comfort. It is much more than just understanding the lyrics and the song — I get a sensation inside of me that takes me back to the passenger seat next to my mother where we sing and shout at the top of our lungs to our favorite songs. There have been points in my life where I wished I had been raised with a different music style so that I could fit in with my generation’s music taste and culture a bit more. However, being able to actively share with my friends here my knowledge and love for the music I was raised with has assisted in making me feel more pride and confidence in my identity as a Chicana and my culture. At the museum there was a music timeline about Mexico’s history and am proud to say that the years 1987+ I knew of the musicians it spoke about. I had such a great time at the museum and look forward to learning more about local Yucatan music.


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