Ciudad de Mexico la verdadera ciudad de luz 17/02-23/02

City of Gods Teotihuacan
Small photoshoot
Mercado de Xochimilco
Secretaria de Educacion Publica
Frida Kahlo museum

The week of 02/17-02/23 we had a three-day excursion to Ciudad de Mexico. I have dreamt of visiting the city for most of my life. It was a beautiful and breath-taking experience. It was more than I expected. We had a tight schedule! However, the Friday we arrived our plans for the day to visit el Palacio Nacional were canceled due to a protest happening outside of the palace. Nonetheless, our plans continued, we visited el Templo Maya and la Secretaria de Educacion Publica. We learned about the modern-day construction and development of the city as the Spanish built modern CDMX over the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec empire. We learned about the archeological work done to uncover the cities’ rich history and use its work to incorporate it into modern-day Mexico city. Later that day we visited la Secretaria de Educacion Publica there we were blessed with beautiful communist art by artists such as Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros, an orchestra rehearsing el Huapango de Moncayo (considered the second Mexican anthem) and to top it all we walked around a beautiful garden in the middle of the 20th-century architecture. The next day we traveled to Coyoacan to visit the Frida Kahlo museum and later visited the Mercado de Xochimilco where we got the opportunity to shop and eat a really good traditional meal. For our last full day in CDMX, we visit la Plaza de las Tres Culturas translated to the square of the Three Cultures. This square is surrounded by buildings and ruins that reflect three different periods of Mexican history: the Columbian, Spanish colonial and the independent nation periods. The most important part of that visit was acknowledging the deaths and suffering of many student activists that happened on October 2, 1968. Later that day we visited the city of gods Teotihuacan. There I climbed the pyramid of the moon and learned that those that lived there left nothing but the pyramids to help archeologists determine who they were. Thus, everything that is known of the city of gods is all based on assumptions. During the night time, my friends and I enjoyed the cities events hosted in the Plaza de la Constitution (el Zocalo), we danced, ate delicious food and looked at beautiful art. In sum, it was a privilege to visit and witness all that we did in a short period. Witnessing the usage of traditional indigenous culture for tourism attraction and the country’s economy was heartbreaking; nonetheless, witnessing the manifestation of angry peoples/activist (for a diverse range of issues such as Women’s rights, indigenous rights, and labor rights) on the streets and their political art on most buildings was empowering. The most memorable night in CDMX was when my boyfriend, Francisco, and I walked around el barrio chino and the museum of Memoria y Tolerancia on our way back to our hotel. As we walked back we saw there was a small photoshoot and decided to talk to the photographer and the model. The model was the photographer’s grandfather. They were both super nice and friendly to us and his grandson asked to take some photos of Francisco and me. He wanted to add our pictures to a set he was working on about nostalgia and love. We posed and got our pictures a few weeks later. It was a magical time and I hope to return one day.


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