Linda tarde con Pancho y su papá 24/02-29/01

Francisco feeding the spider monkey
Jose Clemente Orozco: Una vida para el arte por Raquel Tibol

Hi folks, the week of 24/02-29/01 I rested and readjusted to my school schedule since we had just returned from a long weekend from our visit to CDMX. Nonetheless, on our arrival back to Merida I unpacked, ate a good lunch and then relaxed before heading out with Francisco and his dad to explore Uxmal and the town of Muna.

It was Francisco’s and my second time visiting the pyramids in Uxmal, but it was again breathtaking. We had about 45 minutes to walk around and climb the pyramids. We climbed one and enjoyed the view. We talked about how much there still is to be discovered in the massive forest surrounding the big space we were in.

Right outside of the archeological site we visited the chocolate museum called Choco-Story! We learned so much about the richness of the cocoa bean and the way that it was capitalized upon by settler-colonial powers and how that impacted the Mayan lifestyle. In the many sections of the museum, we got to feed spider-monkeys, touch and taste traditional recipes of cocoa water and looked at deer and a jaguar. These animals were all rescued and taken care of by the museum. We walked through beautiful jungle-like scenery and to end the tour, we bought delicious chocolate at the shop.

After an amazing time walking around the archeological site and learning about the cocoa bean we drove up to a small town called Muna to eat dinner. There we found a good torta place in the center of the town. After our meal, we walked around and walked into a public library. It was so small, and a lot of the books were super dusty. It was amazing to look through all of the books. I found a book titled Jose Clemente Orozco: Una Vida Para el Arte by Raquel Tibol. I was extremely excited because Orozco is an amazing artist and inside the book, there was a note signed by Jose Clemente Orozco. We asked the folks sitting at the front desk if it was real. We checked everything. We concluded that it most likely was a copy of a signed book but that there is also a possibility that it could be the original.

To end the long and breath-taking day we drove back to Merida in the pitch-dark high way and we stopped to look at the sky full of stars. From our visit to Uxmal to Muna, there were drastic differences in the way that the pueblos care for local architecture and what is considered historical and worthy of upkeeping for tourists’ attractions. The library seemed to be very old and looked like it could use renovations just like many other buildings surrounding the town. I think that the local tourist economy is very good for the Yucatan region overall; however, it creates a huge disparity within towns and communities and it seems to go overlooked by local government entities. Nonetheless, it was a perfect day and I am super thankful that Francisco asked me to spend the day with his dad and him.

Me and Francisco’s dad in Uxmal


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