Zoom calls and self-growth 04/13-04/19

Love this made by Nikolina Sika. Follow them on Instagram @weewaaz

This week went by so fast! I tried focusing on getting homework and other important things done. I planned for next week’s productivity, had calls with friends and spent quality time with family watching movies and eating ice cream. I had two big zoom calls this week one for my fellowship called the Eli Segal Fellowship and the second one was with La Loba Loca they gave a webinar class titled “Sprouting Gardeners: DIY Plant and Garden Tending for the apocalypse.

For the Segal Fellows meeting, we talked about potential internship opportunities being virtual for this summer. I thought the most important takeaway from the meeting was talking about self-advocacy when in our internships. I think it’s a life skill that should be used in all settings not just in the workspace. Advocating for yourself does not only have to happen during extreme situations it could be for anything. I have been advocating for myself for so long it feels normal to me. Some peers shared about the importance of self-awareness such as knowing what you need or feel. I added being selfish in your decision making. I think they go hand-in-hand because sometimes folks make decisions thinking about how they will affect others and put themselves last. This could have a big toll on the body/soul. I am aware that there are folks or situations in which advocating for oneself is impossible and there are different methods for situations like those.

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The webinar course with La Loba Loca Sprouting Gardeners: DIY Plant and Garden Tending for the Apocalypse was amazing! I did not think I would be able to join since they were charging for the course and I do not have the money to spend on fun things like this. However, there were so many great local community orgs that were giving out scholarships for folks to participate. The worm farm collective in LA (find them on Instagram @lawormfarmcollective) gave me scholarship money to cover the course. I love Loba and their work they are a queer person of color with a strong voice and as a public figure, they have a huge platform and followers that listen to their wisdom and I hope folks apply what Loba shares. During this course, they were very clear in explaining their non-colonial resourceful gardening work. They advised on different types of gardening indoors and outdoors. They spoke about soil facts such as different types of soils, the importance of its pH levels and much more for proper care of plants. Most importantly they spoke about the connection one builds with the plant/s they grow. I plan on taking on their advice in considering garden planning and looking back at my family lineage and our connection to the earth/gardening.

I am very grateful for the knowledge and the space both of these zoom calls gave for me to grow and learn more about myself. I look forward to sharing with my loved ones.

La Loba Loca shared this at the end of the class. Very cool!


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